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What IsBiohacking?

Biohacking is taking full control of your biology.

If you’ve pursued ways to improve your health, that’s biohacking.

But, it’s more than just putting butter in your coffee every morning or taking a daily vitamin. Biohacking is the desire to understand the body and mind you’ve been given and using everything at your disposal–cutting-edge technology, tools, and science–to become the best version of yourself.

Biohacking: Why?

Biohacking is more than just reading mindless self-improvement tips. It is understanding the “why” behind how you’re feeling, thinking, and performing. Knowing the “why” empowers you to not only biohack your body, but to make impactful changes to your overall health and well-being. At LifeVantage, we live for finding the “why” through relentless research, experimentation, and technology.

Biohackers are individuals who believe in experience-based knowledge. Their mindset is, “Show me the research and then let me try it for myself.”

Learn to pay attention to how you’re feeling. There is always something tangible that’s affecting your daily ability to be awesome. Instead of simply accepting aches, ailments, and exhaustion as part of growing old, start to question those setbacks. With the “biohacker mindset,” you’re not eschewing traditional medicine, you’re just figuring out what works best for you. You’re actively seeking out a healthier lifestyle. And for that, your future self will thank you.

With all this in mind, the real question you should be asking is...why not biohack?

Biohacker's Guide to Getting Started

With several systems working to power our bodies every day, we as humans, are complex. Luckily, getting started with biohacking doesn’t have to be.

The best part about biohacking is that you may already be doing it without even knowing. All it takes to dive in is a true desire to improve your life, and we’re here to help you get started. From nutrition to beauty to fitness, LifeVantage has engineered science-backed products and resources to get you closer to meeting your individual goals and challenges every day.

Welcome to the biohacker movement. No matter what you want out of life, biohacking can help you get more out of it.

Popular Biohacking Trends, Tips, and Tricks

A woman walking outside in clean-air to biohack her environment.

Biohack Your Environment

It can often feel like we hardly notice our surrounding environment until we’re sick or trying to heal. It’s only then that environmental aspects like temperature, air conditions, and pollution levels become something worth paying more attention to. Biohacking environments is a new field of study that’s inspiring visits to saunas, cryotherapy chambers, and float tanks to reap the benefits of adjusting external conditions without traveling to a new climate. Understanding and controlling what’s going on outside can make a big difference on the inside of your body.

A couple preparing nutritious biohacking food in their kitchen.

Biohack Your Nutrition

Research is showing numerous ways that you can biohack your body by simply changing what you’re eating. Intermittent fasting is a nutritional biohack that is gaining traction. Recent studies show that it helps with weight loss, balancing insulin levels and even regulating hormones that tell your brain when you’re hungry or full (ghrelin)–so binge eating can become a thing of the past.

A woman waking from biohacking her sleep.

Biohack Your Sleep

In today’s world, getting a good night’s sleep can be an uphill battle. So much can get in the way of healthy sleep patterns—from electronic screens and Netflix binges before bed to constant stimuli and light pollution around us. Understanding the naturally-occurring hormone Melatonin and the power of your circadian rhythm is a game changer. Biohacking your sleep could be the sweeping change you need to catch some zzz’s.

A biohacker exercising outside to biohack their fitness.

Biohack Your Fitness

Fitness biohacking isn’t about shortcutting your way to health; it’s about getting maximum results in minimal time with the most effective workouts and techniques. You don’t have to be a trained athlete to biohack your fitness. These tactics can be used by anyone to achieve fitness goals at a faster rate. Learn how to get the absolute most out of the workout time you have, then simply get out of the gym and enjoy the results.

A woman meditating to biohack her brain.

Biohack Your Brain

Ever heard of nootropics? Known as cognitive enhancers, these supplements can improve your brain function in the short-term (less brain fog and better resistance to everyday stress) and long-term (support for cognitive function as we age). Biohackers across the globe are seeking cognitive benefits beyond a standard memory pill—to the tune of $1.5 billion in sales of nootropics in 2018 alone.

Our Purpose

We dare to imagine an abundant world where both physical and financial health is optimized. We believe your well-being matters. That’s why we’ve combined the cutting-edge research of nutrigenomics with a leveraged plan to build your own legacy.

Because You Matter
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